Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechauns Love to Fish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Going GREEN in the STEPS world means learning the GREEN Set, phonograms 27-50. This set includes common vowel and consonant multi-letter combinations that are taught in pairs. Many of these pairs are taught with the spelling rule that determines its use in a word. Playing "Go Fish" gives your child lots of practice connecting the sound and its symbol. Be sure to keep the focus on the sound(s) and not the letter names. The little leprechaun fisherman says, "Do you have /oy/ that we may use at the end of English words?" and his fishing buddy says "No, go fish!"
Free printable GO FISH games are available for the Blue Set and Green Set of phonograms in the STEPS Reading Center classes, STEPS Teacher Resources and Just Games. Be sure to run the Green Go Fish game on green cardstock and the Blue Go Fish on blue cardstock. You can make a really large pond and include both sets!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Phonograms: First, Fast, and Furious

One third of the STEPS program is devoted to teaching the 70 phonograms. This presentation gives the reasons why they are so vital and how STEPS teaches them.

Read more about the STEPS Method.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Tool...Cursive Writing Resource

STEPS encourages phonogam practice to include SEEING, HEARING, WRITING and SAYING the phonograms. This sample from the Video Book of Phonograms has the handwritten cursive form and a model saying the sounds. Use the Table of Contents to mix up the phonograms or use the page by page navigation to work your way through. The new cursive resource is available in the STEPS Online Coach, the Phonogram Lab, and STEPS Teaching Resources class. Let's practice!