Saturday, July 24, 2010

"The STEPS program - I can't say enough about it. It gave my daughter a new life."

"The STEPS program - I can't say enough about it. It gave my daughter a new life. My six-year old was in first grade and could not even read the letter "I". Furthermore, she didn't have the confidence in her ability to learn to read. We had been doing Hooked on Phonics for months with very little progress. By January, half way through the first grade, I had a conference with her teacher. She had said that more than likely M*** was going to have to repeat first grade. We were even looking into getting her evaluated for a learning disability, but before we took that step, we wanted to try one more thing. We are so glad we did. We were introduced to E*** for tutoring M***. She started immediately. The change in M*** came almost instantly. She learned the correct sounds for every letter of the alphabet. She learned how to use the letters to make words. She started to read. She passed first grade. She went from not even being able to read on a kindergarten level in January to being able to read third grade chapter books in July. The best part was that she gained confidence in herself. Her whole world opened up. She was reading everything. Not only did the STEPS program help her to read, it helped her to spell. Homework was no longer a struggle for her. Whenever I hear about a parent whose child is struggling with reading, I can feel what they are going through, and the first thing I do is tell them about the STEPS program and how it changed our daughter's life."
Amy N.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"The STEPS program is a wonderful learning opportunity for children."

"The STEPS program is a wonderful learning opportunity for children. It not only teaches them sounds of letters, but also teaches them the rules of the English language. I volunteered in Mrs. C***'s class every week last year and was astonished at how quickly the students in her class learned the rules and started applying them to all aspects of learning, including spelling and writing. The children were excited and confident when they spelled words or read aloud in class. Their reading scores skyrocketed and, by the way that Mrs. C*** incorporated games into her curriculum using the sounds and the rules of the STEPS program, the students were not only learning, but were also having fun while they learned.
I have watched both of my children become stronger readers by not only knowing the sounds that letters make, but also understanding the rules of the English language. I know the STEPS Program helps students learn and also gets them excited about learning because I have seen it first hand by volunteering in Mrs. C***'s class and by watching my own children use it every day in their reading and writing."
Sherry W.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"We found the program to be fun to learn, while being educational."

"My child was in the second grade last school year. Mrs. C*** was her teacher. G*** was tested on her reading level at the beginning of the school year. We had transferred to *** from G****, SC. We were shocked to learn that our child was starting the second grade on a 1.5 reading level. Mrs. C*** introduced the phonics program to her class and to the parents. We found the program to be fun to learn, while being educational. G***'s reading level and spelling ability improved greatly. I am proud to say that by the end of second grade, G***'s reading level improved to 4.1. She still uses the phonics to help her spell and sound out third grade words. As a parent, I would encourage this program and strongly support the teachers who use it."
Kellee J.

Monday, July 19, 2010

It seems so simple to us now.

"I can never thank you enough for introducing this program to us. G*** is doing so well. It is so hard to believe that about this time last year she had given up. She loves to read and we often fuss at night because I have to ask her to put down a book to go to sleep. It was very heartbreaking to see your child so upset with just trying to put sounds together so she could read a sentence. It seems so simple to us now."
Hannah G.

Please allow us to brag, just a little?

We're working feverishly on the new STEPS Online Graduate class! It's all online and is a terrific class for parents or teachers. Registration begins August 1st. Until then, I thought I might share from the stack of parent and teacher notes I've got here. We're teachers, not business marketers, so we sometimes forget to share all the kinds things folks have said. If you're thinking of taking a graduate class or just working with your children on their reading, writing, and spelling in the upcoming year, you might enjoy seeing what other folks have had to say about STEPS.