Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Children that cannot read, cannot excel."

This is a copy of a letter written to a STEPS teacher.

Dear Mrs. C***,
Our family cannot begin to thank you for the turn around we have witnessed in Jordan's ability to read. It has improved his attitude and self-confidence in all areas of his school work. Last year about this time we had a second grade child that had a reading level that was barely first grade. He was unwilling to participate in any classroom activities that involved reading because he was embarrassed. He had great Math skills but once his class began reading their own instructions, even his math grades suffered. He hated to read at home because he stumbled over every word. It was an emotional ordeal for all of us. We purchased every program and every game that you can name to help him improve (including Hooked on Phonics), to no avail.

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