Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fire Away!

Fire away with any and all questions, comments, concerns or suggestions! Maybe you have a friend that has a child struggling to read, need a suggestion for selecting books for your child to read independently, or have a funny story to share. Learning to read and write is an exciting journey.
Here is a flash to my past. Long ago as a young parent, I was anxious when my child told me that she could "read" with her eyes closed because she had a "magic reading finger"! I was happy that she was so confident but still ran to express my concern with her teachers. She was, and still is, a very verbal child with an eager to please attitude. I was reassured that all was well. Cute and funny aside, the pit in my parental stomach kept nagging at me that this was a sign of trouble. Obviously her new found skill was a weak strategy. What was missing? Where were her gaps? What were her obstacles in the reading process? The kitchen table tears at my house helped STEPS grow into what we teach today.
Parents know their child's weaknesses and strengths better than anyone. We encourage you to ask for help and suggestions based on that knowledge. We all rely on our strengths to get us through, but parents and teachers have the job to strengthen the weaknesses.
No questions are too big or too small to discuss. For complete anonymity to the world go to
STEPS Reading Center and hit the Contact link in the top tool bar to send us a note. We can answer your question or discuss the topic as a future blog post. Want to cut to the chase? Just leave us a comment here.

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