Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Green on St. Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Going GREEN in the STEPS world means learning the GREEN Set, phonograms 27-50. This set includes common vowel and consonant multi-letter combinations that are taught in pairs. Many of these pairs are taught with the spelling rule that determines its use in a word. Grab your phonogram cards from the Green Set, click to print Free PHONO Bingo Cards, find something green to use as markers and you'll be ready. Be sure to keep the focus on the sound and not the letter names. After shuffling the Green Set of cards, the Leprechaun Leader pulls the "ai" phonogram card and says, "/A/ two letter /A/ that we MAY NOT use at the end of English words." Little Leprechaun repeats the sound and rule as he covers the "ai" on his card.
Switch cards and let your wee student be the Leprechaun Leader and call out the sounds.
Complete sets of the PHONO Bingo versions are available for the Blue, Green and Yellow phonograms in the STEPS Reading Center class, Just Games. Want to learn the sounds? The Phonogram Packet is a great tool to get started learning the sounds.

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